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Too Much Noise

Everyone is blogging these days and "people in the know", i.e., those with MBAs and SEO types are telling me that I should be blogging too.  Of course, since everyone else is blogging, I don't know why you need another blog to read, however, since I enjoy writing, I might as well take a stab at this and join the blogosphere.

I am going to share some reactionary feelings with you.  

I just saw a picture on Facebook that showed snow removal in the "good old days".  Those were the days before the Internet and cell phones, when people actually had a little peace and didn't have to check their phones, every five minutes, for fear of not getting back to a client instantaneously or making a friend wonder whether you're angry with him, sick, or even dead because you didn't respond to his e-mail within an hour. In the good old days, way before I was born, snow removal was handled by horse and buggy.  Imagine that. I'm certain that it was a time-consuming process and that the horses weren't thrilled, however, I'm guessing that the job, eventually, got done.

Don't get me wrong:  I like modern technology and use it as much as the next person.  All I'm saying is that being tuned in to the needs, wants, desires, eccentric predilections, etc., of everyone who has my e-mail addresses (of course, I have more than one) and cell phone number means that I have very few quiet moments to think, daydream, relax, play (even adults need play time) and "chill".  

Of course, I adore having clients to be responsive to and responsible for. Who doesn't?  And, of course, I want to respond to my client's requests within 60 seconds of receiving them. However, I feel an irrepressible need to respond to everyone's e-mail, ASAP, so that I'll have one less thing to do and, therefore, the work never stops.  I have to admit that, once in a while, I give myself a break and eat a meal, read the news, watch one of my favorite TV shows, and even read a blog!  However, I remember when communication was strictly in person, by telephone, or by snail mail, and I managed to survive that time, very nicely, without thinking that I was missing anything.  Of course, I didn't have as much opportunity to write, which I really love doing, so that was one downside of the old-fashioned way of communicating.

In conclusion, although technology is fascinating, very helpful in terms of conducting business and communicating with clients, family, and friends and has made us much more efficient, we have lost a lot of charm, warmth, and peace and quiet in the process of modernizing our means of communication.  

We creative types function best when we have time to think, daydream and fantasize and I imagine that folks who are numbers-oriented or fact-driven function best when they have downtime too.  There is no perfect state in life and, with our relatively new means of communicating with each other, we have lost something very precious.

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