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"Best of 2015" - included Laura among the top 3 resume writers/editors in New York, NY and has, also, featured her as a top career coach in the NY metropolitan area. In addition, LinkedIn ProFinder has listed Laura as the top resume writer/editor.

Google has listed us as the top personal concierge service in NYC.

Contact Laura, today, to schedule your free 15-minute consultation!

TIME is our most precious asset.

Although we can't promise to remove all of the stress from your life, by contacting us, you will discover how, through our resume, coaching and/or concierge services, we can alleviate some of it and provide you with more time for enjoyment.            
                                                                                                                         Are You Stressed Out Too?                                                          
Are you starting to think that your resume and LinkedIn profile should be reviewed and edited by a professional because you're not getting enough interviews? Are your interviewing skills rusty? Do you feel as if you could handle compensation questions more effectively when interviewing? Would you like to change careers, but don't know which career would be right for you? Are you concerned about who will escort you home after your upcoming medical procedure? Is your to-do list getting longer because you're working longer hours? Are you ready to run a telemarketing campaign with the assistance of a part-time telemarketer? Wouldn't it be great to find an executive assistant who would work for you on an as-needed basis? Do you wonder what kind of perk to give the superstars of your firm that they will really appreciate? Does buying gifts for family, friends, and clients make you anxious because you have trouble deciding what to buy? Are you tired of going out on first dates that lead nowhere? 

Is confidentiality very important to you?
If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above questions, we can help you become more effective in your career and personal life and, also, offer you something that is irreplaceable: time. 

Our Specialties

We are not a "Jack of all trades, master of none" kind of operation. We 
specialize in the following areas:

*Resume writing and editing

  • 35 years of resume writing and editing experience
  • Former licensed NY high school English teacher
  • Current regarding resume styles and trends

*Career, life, and dating coaching

  • 35 years of professional career coaching experience
  • 35 years of interview prepping experience
  • 60+ years of life experience
  • More dating experience than most dating/relationship coaches
  • Uniquely qualified to coach and/or speak regarding career paths for English majors

"A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart." Confucius 

*Medical procedure escorting

  • Kind, caring, empathic, resourceful, and sensible
  • Significant experience and knowledgeable, for a layman, about medical issues

Work that can be done online or by telephone:

U.S. - online and/or telephone
Anywhere outside of the U.S. - online only

Available for speaking engagements especially those involving resumes, careers for English majors, and dating advice (for anyone)


- We have been working, successfully, from home. (We always work from home.) The only difference is that
- we will not meet with clients, in person, until our elected officials give us permission to be outdoors for an extended period of time.
-Although we can provide you coaching via telephone, we can use Skype or Zoom, instead, so that we're both visible.
- We have been adhering to all suggested methods of protecting ourselves from catching the virus: we are home 99%+ of the time; we always wear a government-approved mask, eyeglasses, and gloves, as necessary; we do not touch our mouths, nose, or eyes unless we have just washed our hands; we wash our hands before eating delivered food and after opening packages; and we keep a 6' distance from other people on the rare occasions that we go out.

Contact Laura, today, to schedule your free 15-minute talk! 212.688.6506

Privacy Policy

Accentuating Service respects the privacy of our clients. We pledge to protect the confidentiality and security of our clients' information. We will not provide such information to any other party for any other purpose.

Accentuating Service is a GDPR compliant company.

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