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​​Please email me for representative samples of my Resume Writing/Editing recommendations and/or representative samples of my Career Coaching recommendations. My recommendations are from (I apologize for the inconvenience, but my web hosting site recently made a number of unsolicited changes to my site which I've been busy correcting. My recommendations were, previously, in this section of the site.) 

"I needed to find a local matrimonial attorney who was experienced, personable, and affordable. After doing the research for me, Laura found me exactly the kind of attorney I needed. I was very pleased with the service that Laura provided ⅗me and wouldn't hesitate to call her again." -Suzanne G.

A Matrimonial Attorney Seeker

"Laura is very effective and efficient, we enjoyed her working style very much. She respects and appreciates each client, doesn't take any situation for granted. She keeps her work schedule very punctual. We also appreciated her writing style in both resume and cover letter, short and sharp. She doesn't over decorating, but keep everything neatly in the right place to highlight the candidate's strength, very effective way. We strongly recommend her to this field. She is very passionate for her profession. Strongly recommend." - Susan & Aurelien

"When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I got into sales and now realize that sales is not for me. I heard about Laura through a business contact and was hoping that she could give me some guidance as she does career coaching. Laura helped me figure out what career would be right for me by asking me good questions, paying close attention to my responses, and picking up on my personality and strengths. As this was all done by phone even though Laura offered to meet me in person, I was very impressed with her insight, patience, and obvious desire to send me on the right path. Laura is a kind, practical, helpful person and I highly recommend her as a talented career coach." - David. H.

A Basket of Goodies

"I hired Laura to attend a food trade show, in my place, at The Jacob Javits Center. I told her to spend no more than 2 hours at the show. Laura's assignment was to find companies that do food, coffee or tea, or other kinds of gift baskets that might be interested in partnering with my company. Laura sent the names of approximately 25 companies to me. She indicated, in her written comments, the companies on which I should focus my attention and the level of interest of the rest. Laura was a pleasure to work with and she sent me the information that I needed the same day that she attended the show. I seriously doubt that I would have done a better job of this task, myself, and Laura saved me the time and expense of a flight to and from New York by taking on this assignment. I would definitely hire Laura, again, if or when I need assistance." - Diane D'Andrea, President, 4 Stir, Inc.

"I hired Laura to plan my son's birthday party. We had the party at home and I hired help because I work full-time and have a younger baby too, so I have no free time to plan a party. I found Laura to be very easy to work with and budget-conscious, both of which qualities were important to me. Laura selected very cute, age-appropriate decorations, a fun tablecloth suitable for a male toddler, and matching plates and napkins. I also liked her choice of sweets and the birthday cake she chose. I plan on using Laura again for my baby girl's second birthday party and I have already referred a friend of mine to her." - Julie R.

The Birthday Boy​​

    Outside in the Spring

"I'm an elderly woman and I hired Laura to take me home after a medical procedure. When I met her in the facility's waiting room, I told her that I had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Although I didn't have to reveal that information to Laura, after having spoken with her for ten minutes, by telephone, I knew that I could. Laura told me a few stories, which seemed to be true, about people she knows who had survived cancer and one who had survived Stage 3 colon cancer. On the walk home, we spoke of my fears about chemotherapy. Laura made me feel more comfortable and less nervous about what I was going through. She is a good listener and a kind and caring person. Laura was exactly hiseeth oe kind of person I nee okded to wet talk with at this frightening time of my life. She called me, twice, to find out how I was doing, which wasn't that surprising considering my assessment of her nature, but it was beyond what she had to do and, certainly, very much appreciated by me." - E.M.

Contact Laura, today, to schedule your free 15-minute talk!  212.688.6506

Available for speaking engagements, especially those involving resumes, interviewing, and dating advice (for anyone)

"I met with Laura when I was contemplating whether to move back to the west coast or to take a new job opportunity in the New York area. Laura was an amazing resource from the very beginning. She was personable and gave me an incredible amount of insight during our initial consultation. I knew right away that I would find a coaching session with her to be very helpful.

Laura pulled from a wealth of experience from her previous recruiting role and provided many anecdotal details in her analysis of the situation I was facing. She is extremely observant and very intuitive in her approach. She helped me to understand how I truly felt about the options in front of me and helped dispel some of the fears I had about the decisions ahead of me. She gave me practical steps that I could take to come to a conclusion and feel comfortable about my decision. Given my tendencies towards indecision and anxiety, these were invaluable tools in helping me to boldly move forward and to become an active participant in shaping my own future.

I would highly recommend a coaching session with Laura regardless of whether your situation is one of a professional or personal nature." - Amanda W.

                        Enjoying a Stress Free Day

"I'm a CPA in my 60's and I got laid off because business was slow. Laura did a terrific job of improving my resume. It even looked better after she finished working on it. She did it quickly too. Laura was sensitive to my situation and gave me some much-needed encouragement. I intend to refer Laura to anyone who needs this sort of help." - Michael S.    

"Laura was a pleasure to work with on editing and proofreading my children's book, as well as my educational cards for kids. With little direction, she was able to get through my project ahead of schedule. Laura, being an English teacher in the past, was on point with her suggestions for clarity and grammar. I look forward to working with her again and will definitely recommend her to my friends. Thanks Laura" - Ozi O

"I have been professionally engaged as Laura's client for more than 20 years of my career as a senior director at top international law firms and know well her vast array of resources and contacts, and her intelligence, confidential and ethical approach to research, problem solving, negotiating the best possible results for her clients.

As soon as Laura told me about her new venture, Accentuating Service, I had in mind a list of projects, each completely different from the next, that I would love to hand over to her, from conducting a personnel search, a real estate renovation project among several vendors and landlords, leaving an important household chore in her care at an art and antique-filled apartment, arranging restaurant and entertainment reservations for an elderly couple's anniversary weekend in Manhattan.

That list doesn't scratch the surface of Laura's ability to get things done, whether large, small, simple or complicated, your project will be done well, done right, done efficiently at a completely reasonable rate, well worth freeing your mind and time.

Laura's style is to be on top of the situation, in touch and informative, humorous, and honest. She must whistle while she works. I know after 20+ years and scores of projects Laura has done for me, Accentuating Service will be my first and last call when I want to move things off my calendar, simple as that." - B.L.M.  

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