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Have you ever encountered someone who spoke with you for only a short time, but who made you feel very special? Have you ever wished that you could charm people in the same way that you were charmed?

You can. Although some people are naturally charming, I think that it's possible to learn how to be charming.

People are easily charmed by someone who is genuinely interested in them. How do you show your interest in someone? Ask the person questions about himself, his work, his life, his family, his interests, and so on, and pay attention to his answers.

How to Be a Good Friend

If you live and work in the New York metro area, there's a strong possibility that you live your life on steroids, figuratively-speaking. You move around at the speed of light, you multitask, you have to-do lists in a few places, you go from one barely-finished task to the next, and you feel stressed out a lot of the time. Is this a good way to live? Not really. Is there anything that you can do about it? Probably not, unless you're wealthy enough to hire people to assist you and most people aren't.

When to Become Intimate


Dating is tricky. It's a bit like a chess match. If you're an honest, straightforward person, dating is bound to be more difficult for you.

People, frequently, say that they don't play games or that they don't like game-playing when it comes to dating. If they're being truthful, these people need to learn how to play the dating game. For example, a woman who is assertive and who goes after what she wants needs to take more of a back seat in dating. Men like to be "the hunters" in a relationship and are more interested in women who allow them to pursue them.

How to Enjoy Dating

People who aren't in relationships during the holiday season might feel a bit self-conscious or lonely during this time of year as it appears that everyone else is half of a couple. Although this isn't, necessarily, factually true, it can feel that way, especially around the holidays and Valentine's Day.

Many people choose to be single as their independence is vital to their well-being, however, that is not true of everyone who is unattached.

Most people who are single date. Although some people enjoy dating, there are plenty of people who don't and who view dating as a necessary evil.

To My Father, In Honor of Father's Day

There are many poems about the relationship between a father and his daughter.  Some of them were written by famous poets and others were written by aspiring ones. The poem, here, was written by Thomas S. Carver, a man whose profile you can find in Facebook.  This poem could have been written for my father and me, even though we had never met the poet.

Be sure to have some tissues handy.


He was so proud of his little girl
It was her very first day of school
He walked with her to school that day

On Mothers and Motherhood

As I like last year's Mother's Day post, I am posting it, again, this year.

There are many good quotes about mothers and motherhood.  Some are profound, some are personal, and some are humorous.  In this post, I am including the quotes, from notable women, that resonated with me.  Enjoy!

"So when the great word 'Mother!' rang once more, I saw at last its meaning and its place; 
Not the blind passion of the brooding past, 
But Mother -- the World's Mother -- come at last, 

The Importance of Being Helpful

There are two kinds of people in the world:  the givers and the takers.  Of the two, who do you think is the most content?  

If your response is "the takers", you're either naive or very selfish. The takers might have more material things and an easier time of it but, in many cases, they don't feel good about themselves as they know that they haven't done anything to deserve the things that people give them and/or the assistance that they get from others.  

Everyone is in Sales

If you were to enter a movie theater in any major city and had an opportunity to ask every audience member what he or she does for a living, you'd, no doubt, hear a wide range of professions or occupations.  What you might not realize, at first blush, is that everyone is, in reality, in sales.  I can hear the push back from the professionals who are reading these words. "What do you mean?  I went to law school for 3 years and passed the bar exam  I'm an attorney!"  "Are you crazy?


On Father's Day, I had an opportunity to observe different kinds of fathers as I, unfortunately, couldn't spend time with my own father.  My father had passed away in 2008.  I was at the driving range as, other than being on a golf course, it is the best way that I can think of to honor my father's memory.  

My father was 40 years old when he took up golf and I took it up at the same time, at age 10.  He taught me how to play golf and my father and I spent many wonderful hours playing different courses, hitting balls at the driving range, buying new clubs, and talking about golf together.

Taking Risks in Love

As love and romance are on my mind, this weekend, and as I put myself out there as a career, life, and dating coach, this blog is about taking risks in love.

A short while ago, I saw a humorous response to a question posed on Facebook.  The answer to the question, "When is the best time to tell someone you love them?" was "Before someone else does."

I had one of many conversations, this weekend, with a bright young man whom I know in a casual way regarding risk-taking and never looking back with regret for not taking the risk of telling someone that you love him or her or, at least, letting the person know that you have romantic feelings for him or her.
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