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My Blog

July 2015

Take Good Care of Your Steady Customers/Clients

I had lunch, today, in one of my favorite local restaurants and the service was deplorable. I have lunch, at least, once a week in this restaurant and the service is normally very good.

Today, I was put in a most uncomfortable position: I was made to feel invisible by my waitress. I had to ask a busboy to get me a waiter/waitress and once she took my order, she never again made eye contact with me or came over to ask me how everything was. I even had to ask a different waiter for the check!

I'm, typically, a decent tipper, however, today, I gave the tip that was deserved.

A Balancing Act

I, recently, told someone that I've never been older and I've never worked harder.  Of course, none of us has ever been older than we are at this moment, however, that's not exactly what I meant.  I think what I meant was closer to "Why am I working so hard at my age?"

I never thought of myself as a workaholic, in the past, and frankly, although I've always worked hard, within a finite amount of hours, until February 2013, work never overtook my life.  In early 2013, I was preparing the launch of my new company.
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