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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of coaching do you do?

A: We do career, dating and life coaching. We are not qualified, however, to do psychological counseling.

Q: Why should I use your coaching services instead of talking with a good friend?

A: Although nobody is 100% objective, we would be more objective than a close friend as, sometimes, there is competition between friends. We are very discreet and have been told, on many occasions, "You were right. I wish I had listened to you." We have a lot of professional career coaching, life, and dating experience. 

Q: Do you know Microsoft Office?

A: No

Q: Are there any services that you do not provide?

Career Coaching

Need a Dating Coach?

Who Couldn't Benefit from Life Coaching?

if you have what might be considered to be an unusual request, there's no harm in asking whether we can do it for you.

This is an ADA Compliant website. Please email or call Laura Lieff for a description of the photos and/or a reading of attached documents.

Contact Laura, today, to schedule your free 15-minute talk!  212.688.6506

A: We cannot drive you anywhere, however, we can transport you either by foot, taxi/car service, or bus and we can be a passenger in your car. We do not do housekeeping and we do not do anything that is illegal. We have partnered with others who do whatever we don't personally do, but that does not include illegal activities.

Available for speaking engagements, especially those involving resumes, interviewing, and dating advice (for anyone)

Q: If I hire you to bring me to a doctor's office for test results that I am nervous about, will you stay with me the entire time and take notes when the doctor talks with me?


A: Yes. We would do our best to decrease your anxiety about the situation and would be happy to stay with you and take notes for you.


Q: Do you pack and unpack suitcases?


A: Yes.

Q: Are you available for same day errands or assignments?


A: That depends upon whether we have any available time on the day in question. In general, the sooner you contact us, the better.     


Q: Will I be charged a fee if I cancel at the last minute?


A: That depends upon whether we turned down other work for your assignment and/or whether you habitually cancel at the last minute.


Q: I like to shop for my own groceries, but I would like to have someone accompany me as I'm not that steady on my feet. Would you do that?


A: Yes. We would be happy to accompany you.  

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