How to Enjoy Dating
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How to Enjoy Dating

People who aren't in relationships during the holiday season might feel a bit self-conscious or lonely during this time of year as it appears that everyone else is half of a couple. Although this isn't, necessarily, factually true, it can feel that way, especially around the holidays and Valentine's Day.

Many people choose to be single as their independence is vital to their well-being, however, that is not true of everyone who is unattached.

Most people who are single date. Although some people enjoy dating, there are plenty of people who don't and who view dating as a necessary evil. 

Dating doesn't have to be boring or a waste of time. If people would spend a little time thinking of creative ways to date, they might find dating more enjoyable. Instead of going for just a drink or a meal, a date can be arranged around an activity that interests both parties. For example, a date can be a visit to a museum or art galleries, a tennis game or a trip to a driving range, a lecture, a photography class, a trip to the zoo, etc. After the activity is over, if both people want to continue the date over drinks or a meal, they have that option. Otherwise, they can go their separate ways without feeling as if they've wasted a few hours as they will have been engaged in doing something enjoyable.

Dating is a numbers game: the more people with whom one goes out, the better the chance of meeting Mr. or Ms. "Right". Dating doesn't have to be work. With the proper mindset, it can be fun. The goal of dating should be to find someone whose company you enjoy and with whom you want to spend a lot of time. People like to be around upbeat, fun people so, the immediate goal of dating is to enjoy yourself and to be entertaining and/or charming for your date. There will be plenty of time to discuss more serious matters, later on, if you concentrate on having fun in the early phase of a relationship.

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The goal of dating should be to find someone whose company you enjoy and with whom you want to spend a lot of time.
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