How to Be a Favored Employee
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How to Be a Favored Employee

Some people think that their boss shows favoritism. They're probably right. Small businesses and departments of large businesses are like families: there's the authority figure, i.e., the boss and the children, i.e., the employees. Some bosses might be taken in by flattery, but I strongly suspect that they are in the minority.

Bosses can't help but favor employees who do a good job and who are cooperative. Demanding employees who are always negotiating and who feel that it's their right to criticize the boss are the employees who will not be given the best assignments and who will be asked to leave, first, during a business downturn.

The best way to get along with the boss is to be reliable, good at whatever work you do, cooperative, and responsive. Your boss has plenty on his plate and you become expendable when you give him a hard time or annoy him.

No matter how nice your boss might be, he's still your employer and you should edit your words when you communicate with him. If you communicate with your boss the same way that you communicate with your BFF, you do so at your own peril.

Don't leave your common sense or your manners at home -- bring them with you to work. Consider how you would want to be treated if you were the boss and treat your boss accordingly. Unless you want to be in the job market, again, or you bring something so special to the table that your boss can't find it elsewhere, you would be wise to treat your boss with courtesy and respect. Try to make your boss' work life easier and more pleasant. If he's normal, he'll repay you with loyalty, raises and promotions (if available), and great references (if or when you leave). You'll be a favored employee.

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Laura Lieff on Saturday, December 05, 2015 10:21 AM
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Your boss has plenty on his plate and you become expendable when you give him a hard time or annoy him.
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