How to Reduce the Stress of the Holiday Season
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How to Reduce the Stress of the Holiday Season

I don't know anyone who doesn't get stressed out during the holiday season. Do you?

Some of the causes of our stress at this time of year are as follows:  all the gift-buying that we need to do, all the money that we will be spending, all the parties to which we get invited, all the holiday cards or e-mails that we have to send, all the things that we have to remember to do, etc.

Everyone I know either has a cold, has just gotten over a cold, or is on his way to catching a cold.

I don't have all the answers as to how to cope with holiday stress as I, too, experience it, however, I can offer some suggestions.  They are as follows, in no special order:

1.   Make a to-do list and keep it handy at all times.
2.   Purchase your gifts in advance, not at the last minute. The few dollars         that you might save aren't worth the havoc wreaked on your body by the       stress of having too much to do in too little time.
3.   Plan ahead regarding everything involving the holidays.
4.   Fill out your holiday cards or e-mails in more than one sitting,                     otherwise it becomes a burdensome task.
5.   If you're hosting a holiday party, book the venue, the caterer, and               whatever other service providers you need well in advance so that               they're available.  Don't expect the party to be "perfect".  Perfectionism       causes additional stress.
6.   Wrap your gifts, as needed, not all at once.
7.   Skip some parties.  You don't have to attend every single party to which       you've been invited.
8.   Spend only what you can comfortably afford to spend on gifts.  If you're       a good shopper, you can get some lovely gifts that will be appreciated         without going bankrupt.  You can also bake cookies or cakes or make           things, at home, to give as gifts.
9.   Make sure the phone number of your shrink is handy at all times.
10. Don't assume that everyone is having more fun than you.  They're not:  
      they're just drinking more than you.
11. If you're single, don't assume that you'd be having a better time if you 
      were married.  The grass is always greener...some of those married
      folks are wishing that they had the guts or money to leave their spouses       or are fantasizing about the adorable woman or man they met recently.
12. Just as things can, usually, be better, things can, usually, be worse.  

You'll get through this holiday season as you do every year although you'll, probably, curse your fate if you don't heed my suggestions.

Caveat:  If the idea of handling another holiday season without any help from a loved one is freaking you out-- get help! -- call us at 212.688.6506. Truth be told, you don't have to be "freaking out" to get assistance from us. Having us assist you will prevent you from that out-of-control feeling.

The sooner you contact us, the better you'll feel and the better we'll feel as we, too, are a bit frazzled by everything that we have, yet, to do and we'll be able to plan our schedule, in advance, to ensure that we aren't too busy to assist you.

Happy Holidays!  

8 Comments to How to Reduce the Stress of the Holiday Season:

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You'll get through this holiday season as you do every year although you'll, probably, curse your fate if you don't heed my suggestions.
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